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  • GAM Stickup

    Gam’s Stick.up Compact Single Source Luminaire is a tiny, featherweight (4.0 oz) light source that literally goes anywhere and mounts to anything. The fixture, which measures 3.0 x 3.5 x 3.0″ and fits in the palm of your hand, can be taped to the wall or ceiling, affixed with touch fasteners, suspended by a wire or clothes pinned to a drop-ceiling T-bar.

    The Stik.up is also an electrical omnivore, running on 120, 230 or 12V AC or DC and using 2,800 – 3,000K lamps from 100 – 200W. The head runs cool enough to wrap with colored gels or blackwrap and comes with 2 clothes pin-type clips and 2 wire mounting arms.

    • 100 thru 200 watt lamps to choose from
    • It’s a soft-light, key-light, back-light, fill-light, all in one