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    With its slender profile and remote ballast the 4′ 4Bank 1-Light System from Kino Flo is well-suited to use in tight quarters where many other fixtures can’t go. The system includes a 4′, four-tube fluorescent fixture, a 4Bank ballast to power it, a louver to help control the light, a 25′ head extension cable, and a mounting plate with a 3/8″ pin.

    With its built-in barn doors, slim profile, and relatively light weight, the 4Bank fixture can easily be screwed to a wall or other surface or mounted overhead in a grid. One its unique features of the fixture is the ability to separate the lamp harness from the body and reflector for placement in hard to reach places as far as 75′ away with the purchase of two optional 25′ extension cords. High CRI True Match lamps are available for separate purchase in 2,900, 3,200 and 5,500K, as well as specialty colors and chroma blue and green. The ballast features universal voltage for worldwide use, instant-on capability and a high output setting to raise or drop the wattage in the tube for light output and color control. The ballast, which has individual on/off lamp switching, can power 2′ or 4′ lamp heads and can be hung on a light stand or other support with an optional super clamp and MTP-BAL attachment.