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  • PAR 38

    A versatile luminaire designed for diverse applications. Intensities and beam spreads are a function of the lamp selected for use in the fixture. One luminaire can serve multiple purposes simply by changing the lamp type. The small size of the PAR38 and a wide range of lamps to choose from make it an ideal luminaire for many lighting applications. Typical installations are found in nightclubs, concerts, theatres and architectural situations where maximum flexibility is desired from a small compact package.

  • PAR 16 Birdie

    A miniature effective 50W Spot useful for pin point effect lighting of small objects & spaces. The Par 16, sometimes called a birdie, is the perfect lighting fixture to hide in scenery, and decorative sets. Par 16 lights produce excellent accent lighting and can be used to add color or slashes of light to break up large expanses. Includes pipe clamp, color frame, safety cable.