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  • Desisti Wyeth Softlight

    The Wyeth line of Soft Lights offers a soft, smooth field that is the perfect fill light for any set. The Wyeth 1000W and 2000W offer a shallow profile for studios with lower ceiling heights or location applications.

    • Soft, even optics
    • Multiple reflectors- standard white or aluminum
    • Hinged, drop down socket compartment for easy re-lamping
    • Unique lamp socket venting system aids airflow for lamp longevity
    • Isolated, cool to the touch switch on the rear of the fixture
  • Chroma-Q Studio Force V 12

    Utilizing the same core technologies as the innovative Chroma-Q® Color Force™ 12 multi-purpose LED fixture, the new Studio Force™ V 12 is a 3,000K – 6,100K CCT, variable white version featuring laboratory calibrated 3200°K and 5600°K presets that is specifically designed for TV, film, touring, exhibitions, corporate events and theatre lighting applications. At only 300mm / 1ft* long, the unit is ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting. It also provides an extreme output of 5,930 lumens for evenly washing large areas, complemented by smooth, theatrical grade dimming.

  • Chroma-Q Color Force 12

    The Chroma-Q® Color Force™ 12 is a truly multi-purpose LED fixture that is suitable for numerous entertainment lighting disciplines. The unit provides power across the spectrum, from deep cold blues to red hot lava looks all from a single fixture. At only 300mm / 1ft long, the unit is ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting. It also provides a massive output of 2,400 lumens, easily washing up to 8m / 26ft with smooth, theatrical grade dimming.

    • Huge RGBA full colour palette and high CRI of 92
    • Deep cold blues and red hot lava looks from a single fixture
    • Extremely smooth uniform wash
    • Massive output across the spectrum – 2,400 lumens
    • 335mm / 1ft* length ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting
    • Suitable for numerous entertainment lighting disciplines