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  • Martin Atomic 3K Strobe

    The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful and rugged, 3000 W high-impact strobe that has been a long time industry standard for high impact concert strobe effects.

    • Lamp Type: Max 15 Xenon discharge
    • DMX Control
    • 208v operation only
  • ProCan 4 Way Blinder

    Known more as ‘audience blinders’, Molefay are available in various configurations for Par 36 lamps.  Each lamp bank will pan to alter light effect. Lite Bank 4 lamp fixture is ideal for getting a general wash of light for large areas. Each lamp bar can scan independently to alter the lighting angle. The unit can be wired for connecting to mains 230v or 120v. Accept lamps Par 36 650w DWE 120v

    • Powerful output in a compact, lightweight package
    • Heavy-duty aluminum construction with baked enamel finish
    • Positive locking yoke
    • Improved ventilation for extended lamp life
    • Individually adjustable lamp banks
    • Fits all major brands of color changers
    • Requires two 1300w circuits