Lightronics AS-42D

The AS42D is a compact portable 4 channel light dimmer from Lightronics. It has a maximum capacity of 1200 Watts per channel and maximum total load capacity of 4800 Watts. It is supplied with 2 input power cord stubs which may be connected to 2 different 120 VAC power phases. The unit operates using the USITT DMX-512 protocol or an industry standard three wire multiplex protocol. The AS42D may be operated in a relay (non-dim) mode. The unit will also function as a chaser and has several preset chase patterns which may be used.

  • 4 Channels
  • Available with either Stagepin or Edison Outputs
  • 1200W per Channel
  • 8 Built-in Chases
  • DMX-512 & LMX-128
  • Relay Mode Switchable
  • Fuses
  • 120V

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