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  • ETC ION Xe 12k

    The Ion® Xe is the compact workhorse of the Eos® family. Featuring the same backlit keyboard layout and full-feature software as its bigger siblings, this little desk brings professional programming power to any venue. Ion Xe can integrate into a system with all other Eos family products (except Element), and you can transition between desks with ease.

    The Ion Xe is available with 12,288 output parameters, and provides support for up to two external monitors. The master playback faders can be supplemented with virtual faders or a variety of other options.

    The Ion Xe rental includes a 40 Fader EOS Fader Wing for up to 100 pages of 40 playbacks.


  • PAR 36 Pinspot Bar

    Pinspot bank holding 4 heads that can be angled to light center tables, bars, flowers displays and much more. Features a 30W lamp for bright illumination and a screw-on cap for protection. This product has a 13amp plug and socket so it is easy to daisy chain.

    Pinspots, just as the name suggests, are a very tight beam of light. They are often used to light up mirrorballs, to spotlight small pieces of artwork or even to highlight centerpieces at a wedding reception.

    These fixtures come with a molded Edison plug and include a lamp.

  • Chroma-Q Color Force 12

    The Chroma-Q® Color Force™ 12 is a truly multi-purpose LED fixture that is suitable for numerous entertainment lighting disciplines. The unit provides power across the spectrum, from deep cold blues to red hot lava looks all from a single fixture. At only 300mm / 1ft long, the unit is ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting. It also provides a massive output of 2,400 lumens, easily washing up to 8m / 26ft with smooth, theatrical grade dimming.

    • Huge RGBA full colour palette and high CRI of 92
    • Deep cold blues and red hot lava looks from a single fixture
    • Extremely smooth uniform wash
    • Massive output across the spectrum – 2,400 lumens
    • 335mm / 1ft* length ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting
    • Suitable for numerous entertainment lighting disciplines